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Green Cleaning Services Vs. Regular Cleaning Services

by Cleanocrats - November 6, 2017

As we grow more aware of the need to for going green, and being environmentally friendly, the cleaning service has also taken note. You can now opt for, in most cases, that your cleaning service you products that are no longer harmful to you and your family. Making the switch benefits everyone. From the cleaners using them, to the people living in the home, to the whole world. Taking care of the environment is prudent. We only have this one, and everything we can do to help, we should. So how is there still a debate on whether you should go green cleaning or use the regular methods? Because there are instances where a daily cleaning service with traditional cleaners might be better fitted for the job that needs to be done. Let’s take a look at each individually to get a sense of what each service will entail. It will help to gain a better understanding of the pros and cons associated with both.

Green Cleaning Services

Green Cleaning embodies more than just the cleaners used, it also is about how maids use these products. One of the characteristics to look for in green cleaning services is that all, and I mean all, the products used in your home are all natural. Sometimes a company can claim to give an all green cleaning service, but it is a 50/50 on the products they use.

The green cleaning is excellent for those that have skin allergies because the products used are non-toxic and hypoallergenic. Several manufacturers have gotten in on the trend of making safe and effective cleaners, and it has become more readily available. Brands like Puracy and A-Ben-A-Qui use all natural ingredients like oils, and tea leaves. Each of them will leave a delightful scent unlike the fumy smell most of the traditional chemical cleaners leave behind. However, one downside is that they are typically more expensive for a maid service to get. It means that the cost of a maid coming to you might be more expensive too. Green Cleaning is safe and effective and well worth the cost

Regular Cleaning Services

There are a lot of things one can say about the traditional regular cleaning service. It is the more cost-effective of the two. Cleaning companies can purchase in bulk cleaning agents that will need to be mixed, usually with water. It means that they can get more jobs done for less, which the savings will ultimately be passed on to their customers. It can also generate some outstanding results. The chemicals used in chemical cleaners have been proven to super-efficient, and are excellent disinfectants. However, they can be harmful to your and your maid’s health. The fumes and residue left behind from chemical use can have some significant side effects. Skin allergies for one reason, make chemical cleaners not the best. If you have asthma, the regular type of bleach cleaner can aggravate breathing. It usually happens two hours after placing the chemicals.

The Winner Is

It is clear that green cleaning is the obvious choice. It has many more benefits than traditional cleaners and has a high reward of being non-toxic to you and your family. So when you choose a maid cleaning service, look to see if they offer an eco-friendly solution to cleaning your home. If they do, you must give it a try. You might be surprised at how clean all natural can work. Forget about the old way of cleaning with chemicals. It is harmful, and some alternatives do work just as well.